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At the heart of progress is the desire to improve, and at the peak of perfection is the commitment to evolve continually

Who we are

Our Roots: The Founder's Message

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”, a powerful quote by Winston Churchill best describes every element that has emanated to the birth of Agmart Foods and Farms Limited (AFF).

Agriculture has perhaps been the most and will continue to be one of the most critical industries on the planet earth and no better way to chart a path that promotes healthy living through what we do as a company.

Agmart is on a mission to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture but this task will be almost impossible without an enabling environment for agricultural activities to thrive. Over the years the recurring challenges identified as factors militating against the achievement of food security are; lack of access to credits, inadequate land availability, and poverty, infertility of the soil, lack of non-farm income generating activities, storage and processing problems but very few insight companies that guides the channels and medium properly hence the result we experience all over Nigeria and the world.

As a company and social development driver, Agmart Foods and Farms Ltd is set to be a market leader in superior agricultural products and innovations. Creating value for our employees, customers, shareholders and the World.


Agmart Foods and Farms Limited is a special agro-allied establishment that is created with the aim of solving the long lasting food shortage limitation through the use of greenhouse technology to enable improved harvest and production yields due to better management and control of plant environment.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited was incorporated in November 2020 as well as trademarked after solid research study on reforming agricultural methodologies to engage in the business of greenhouse farming, trading in agricultural products and services, food processing and all other agricultural innovation, consultancy/management. We also trade various agricultural commodities like shea butter, organic fertilizers, animal feed and fodder (fresh and dry), tiger nuts, turmeric, bell pepper, rice, yam, spinach, cassava and its various substrates, tomatoes, mushrooms, Black Soldier Fly protein/feed production and more.

Through our comprehensive technical portfolio and wealth in expertise of agricultural professionals, we are committed to delivering the best services markets in commodity trading, market guidance and contract and execution.

For us it is all about taking actionable steps to improve the overall society through our operations and activities as an innovation-centred agricultural sector company.
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Our Core Values

Innovation. Compassion.

Our core values define us: Innovation, driving the future of agriculture with cutting-edge solutions; Compassion, caring deeply for our communities and the people we feed; and Eco-friendliness, protecting our planet with sustainable practices. Together, they guide every step we take at Agmart.


We aim to be the most sought after outlet in Agribusiness, Food Processing,and Agricultural Innovation in Nigeria, Africa and the Globe.


Our mission is to be a market leader in superior agricultural products and innovations while creating value for our employees, customers, shareholders and the world.

Our Social and Economic


Agmart Foods and Farms Limited looks to fulfill the United Nations SDG 2 - Zero hunger in a bid to play its quota in ending the world hunger crisis.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited aims to be the most profitable and thriving agribusiness company in Imo State, Nigeria and beyond continuously creating sustainable business value to agro dealers and farmers.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited aims to be the natural choice for smallholder farmers on new technology to farming and provision of quality inputs, services and innovative solutions.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited aims to be a strategic partner to governments and development partners on agribusiness and food security in Imo State, Nigeria and beyond.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited is positioned to better connect farmers to buyers.

Through our social goal, Agmart aims to create and contribute to sustainable employment and job creation for women and youth in Imo state and other states and countries at large.

Agmart Foods and Farms Limited will solve storage and logistics issues for smallholder farmers.

We are a business enterprise formed to maximize shares for our shareholders and development partners while being nurtured into maturity as an establishment that would stand the test of time.

Improve income and quality of life for smallholder farmers through access to quality inputs and services

Empower agro dealers, smallholder farmers, women and youth through education and training on agronomy and livestock best practices.

Through service delivery and employment equity, AFF advocates for a reduction of gender inequality and access to opportunities as part of its corporate social responsibility.

We ensure sustainable increased farm production and mitigate effects of climate change.

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Discover how you can be part of the solution for a sustainable and hunger-free future.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Dive into our FAQs to learn more about Agmart’s innovative approach to agriculture, our commitment to sustainability, and how we’re empowering communities. Whether you’re looking to invest, collaborate, or simply curious about what we do, find the answers you need to get closer to Agmart.

Greenhouse technology involves cultivating plants within a controlled environment to optimize growth and yield, regardless of external weather conditions.

We integrate sustainable practices in our operations, from water conservation in greenhouse farming to promoting organic agriculture, to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Yes, Agmart welcomes investors who share our vision for a sustainable agricultural future. Contact us for more details on partnership opportunities.

Absolutely! We provide education and training on agronomy best practices, new farming technologies, and sustainable agriculture methods to empower farmers.

Our products are available for direct purchase and through select distributors. Visit our Products page or contact us for more information on how to buy.

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