Our Harvest: Solutions for a Sustainable Future

What we offer

Our Harvest: Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Agricultural Commodity Trading

Agmart foods and farms limited is in the business of commodity trading of produce like; Shea Butter, organic fertilizers, animal feed and fodder (fresh and dry) tiger nuts, turmeric, rice etc. Other Crops: Cassava, Maize, Cocoa, Palm Oil, Ginger, Yam and Wheat

Livestock Farming

We manufacture and deal in all kinds of livestock produce and services; fishery, snails, goats, cows, rabbits and more. The thrust is to promote commercialization of livestock production to ensure food security, poverty alleviation and improved living standards of the farming and consumers community.

Organic Feed Production

Our organic feed is grown with no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. We are focused on the global organic feed market with strategic evaluation of its potentials in Africa and especially Nigeria. Organic feed production is in line with our objective to promote best practices in farming.

Market Guidance

Agmart foods and farms limited provides professional market sector insights to all customers. The market guidance helps to direct the affairs of customers in areas of risks assessment as it affects the seasonality and availability of various agro products in relation to the factors that influence price variance in the market.

Contract and Execution

As a core service, Agmart foods and farms limited supports all kinds of contract executions. The company is open to amalgamate or enter into a partnership where necessary to execute contracts for the purposes of joint venture/marketing that will yield sharing profit and increased marketability of all parties involved.

Transportation Services

We look to engage in the provision of extensive logistics solutions like vehicle charter, carriage and haulage and other related services as it relates to agro allied sector.

Additional Services

Advisory/Consultancy Services

These services plays an important role in supporting the use of the agricultural sector as an engine to advocate for pro-poor growth and enabling smallholder farmers to thrive. We boast of technical resources, information and data to consult for our customers providing key performance indicators and feasibility that can enable growth and development of agricultural business ideas.

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Innovative Agriculture

Pioneering sustainable solutions with cutting-edge greenhouse technology for superior yields.

Sustainable Impact

Committed to achieving Zero Hunger and promoting eco-friendly farming practices for a healthier planet.

Diverse Portfolio

Offering a wide range of quality agricultural products and services to meet global food demands.

Expertise & Excellence

Leveraging the knowledge of agricultural professionals to deliver unparalleled service and guidance.

Community Empowerment

Empowering smallholder farmers, women, and youth with the tools and training for a better future

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with governments and stakeholders to drive food security and agribusiness success.

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